General Ability Test (Singapore)

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Introduction to General Ability Test

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The GAT is a standardized assessment of an applicant's general reasoning ability, and it measures learning capacity, observational skills and problem solving ability. It provides an objective measure that is free from language and cultural bias. All the information needed to respond to each question is presented within the test item itself. Clear instructions will be given to ensure that applicants understand how to attempt the test.  

The GAT is an abilities test, and it tells whether a student has strong underlying mental capabilities. This is in contrast to achievement tests which are subject based, and that assess a student's learned skills and knowledge. Abilities tests and achievement tests complement each other, and shed light on different aspects of a student's capabilities. When used together, they provide a good overall assessment of the quality of an applicant.

Test Registration Notice (Year 1 Admission)

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Student applicants and parents/guardians are to read through the ensuing information before registering for the test.

2015 DSA-Sec (Year 1 admission) Test Registration

The Test Registration is now openThe test registration closing dates can be referred to Test Dates and Registration PeriodThere will be an supplementary test date on 11 Jul 2015 due to the strong demand for General Ability Test (GAT). This will be the final test date and is designated only for candidates who have yet to sign up for the GAT.

Remember to individually submit your DSA-Sec application to the respective participating schools before their cut-off date (stipulated in the individual schools' website), followed by registering for the GAT test. 

Each applicant only needs to register once for the Test registration. 
Applicants have to be certain and/or consolidate all the participating school(s) that they have applied for; before registering for the GAT test.

For essential informations about the GAT test, please click the following:
Test Registration Procedures /  List of Schools Participating & Test Required / FAQ

For DSA admission process / DSA registration submission, you may wish to contact the relevant participating school(s) for information.
For enquiries pertaining to the Test registration, you may wish to contact us (Mon-Fri, 10am-12pm / 2pm-5pm).

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